Bestival Soundclash 2016, Wiz Khalifa & Sean Paul

Bestival’s fusion of globally-renowned headline acts with a high-energy festival scene has quickly helped to make it one of the UK’s most intensely popular events, and this year’s Bestival is going to head to whole new heights.

In fact, they’ve just announced that Wiz Khalifa and Sean Paul will headline on Sunday night to bring the festival to an awe-inspiring climax. Perhaps inspired by the Red Bull Culture Clash, Bestival will be making hip-hop meet dancehall for a head to head shakedown between these two huge names of urban music. This soundclash should be something to remember, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone whose heart hasn’t started pumping harder and faster after hearing the news.

Wiz Khalifa and Sean Paul have both taken to the idea in style. Sean Paul was ready to let us know that: “I’ve heard the grand finale on the Sunday night is the best festival spot in the UK and I’m gonna bring the fyyyaahhh.” Khalifa was no less ecstatic: “Can’t wait to be back in the UK and perform at Bestival. The fans here have such good energy, it’s going to be lit.”

In all honesty though, nobody seems quite as thrilled by the idea of the Bestival soundclash as Rob da Bank himself.

“We love a big finale at Bestival,” he said, “we also love hip-hop and dancehall and a massive soundsystem super clash between Wiz Khalifa and Sean Paul seems like a solid plan to close off another big weekend of music, of raving, partying and expanding your minds at Bestival.”

And why not?

This soundclash is more or less a UK festival first, so Bestival are about to step boldly into the great unknown. Pretty fitting really when you consider this year’s futuristic fancy dress theme. Rob has let us know that this will be “a Bestival unlike any other”, featuring “futuristic new stages … from every decade and every genre.”

The Cure, Major Lazer, and Hot Chip will also be headlining on the Isle of Wight this year, and we’ve just heard that Glass Animals and Crystal Fighters have also been added to the bill. Sunday night will see Khalifa and Sean Paul as the biggest draw, but you should also check out Purple Rave; Rob, Tayo and a number of other DJs will be performing an audio-visual tribute to Prince.