Boomtown Fair District Guide

The wonderful world of Boomtown is coming back for 2018. As ever, you’ll find a whole range of genres and aesthetics across its many districts. Here’s your quick and easy guide.

Town Centre

It’s ‘a melting pot of live bands’. Town Centre is one spot you won’t miss. Consider it your Boomtown tasting menu.

Lion’s Den

This district is dominated by the Boomtown Temple, which lights up the skyline with flames, lasers, and waterfalls. You can soak up sun in the amphitheatre or make the most of the reggae, dancehall, dub, and roots line-up.


All about immersion, Oldtown offers folk punk, Balkan roots, street theatre, and even the Invisible Circus!

Copper County

It’s the Wild West, Boomtown style. New for 2018, this district hosts banjos and basslines along its sawdust streets and old-timey saloons.

Paradise Heights

Touted as ‘the former district of Mayfair Avenue’, Paradise Heights is as close as Boomtown comes to VIP, and it’s pretty damn VIP. Expect vintage remix and funk & soul.

Whistlers Green

This is where you come to get your culture on. For thought-provoking talks, head to Speakers’ Corner. For fitness, try reggae aerobics. For some healing and alone time, try the holistic healing fields or mindful spaces.


Kidztown plays ska, funk & soul, and reggae, but it’s obviously for the fun and games that you’ll be going. Little ones are entertained by shows, interactive play, face painting, and more.

Forest Parties

Head to the wooded hideaways of Forest Parties to find the latest Psy-trance, acid techno, and roots reggae.


H0me 0f dR(_)m & b@ss, h@rdc0re, and not being able to spll. Probably a bit like that club from the start of The Matrix.

Sector 6

Hosted in Boomtown’s abandoned power station, Sector 6 is where you come to find bass music, garage, and drum & bass. You can also expect stunning pyrotechnic displays and captivating Boomtown architecture

Barrio Loco

Barrio Loco begs visitors to cast off their inhibitions. They’ll do just that to a line-up of party, grime, house, hip-hop, and bashment.


Promising ‘Glowing adverts and billboards’, the technicolour streets of Metropolis play host to house, disco, and techno.

Diss-Order Alley

Ska, punk, metal. It’s a foot-stomping celebration of turning the world on its head.

Bang Hai Towers

Bang Hai Towers contains a ‘state of the art-multi channelled broadcasting facility’ that prides itself on bassline, garage, and drum & bass.