Christmas Party Wristbands!

Can you believe it’s now less than 8 weeks until Christmas? Now is the time to start organising the work Secret Santa and of course, the event all your employees have been waiting for – the work Christmas party!

The best Christmas parties are always the ones planned in advance. Venues and restaurants get booked up quickly this time of year! You also need to start thinking about what kind of Christmas wristbands you want to purchase.

Why do you need wristbands for a Christmas party? Well, if your venue is hosting multiple events in one evening, you need to ensure that your company has its own branded wristband with either the company name or even a QR code. This would increase the security of your event and also make it much quicker and easier for staff to serve the correct guests of each party.

Another specific use for wristbands includes the monitoring of free drinks packages for employees or customers. If each member of the company receives a specific number of free drinks then wristbands are a useful accessory to monitor how many drinks each guest has ordered. Our Tabbed Vinyl wristbands are perfect for this as each tab can be removed in exchange for a drink at the bar.

It’s likely that your Christmas party will be a one-night event, in which case another ideal solution would be our Paper Tyvek wristbands which provide a cheap but secure, durable accessory. Tyvek wristbands can be easily customised by switching up the colours and designs to suit your requirements.



Christmas is just around the corner, so don’t leave this until last minute! The longer you leave your order, the less options you may have to choose from. Feel free to contact our sales team with any enquiries on 01447 5737 or mail us – we are ready to answer your questions and discuss your wristband designs, prices and delivery dates.