Festival 101: Ultimate Ladies Survival Kit

You may remember Part 1 of our Festival 101: The Essentials? Well, we’re bringing it back this week with a lady’s day special!

Festivals are great fun but require a certain amount of ‘home comforts’ in order for you to feel comfortable and ensure you can spend the weekend relaxed and having a great time.

Of course, for men and women alike, there are always a few essentials that you will need to take along to your favourite weekend do, but this week we’re focusing on some top essentials for the ladies…

Top 6 Festival Essentials for Women

#1 Baby wipes
Must, must, must! It took me a few festivals before I really valued the need for baby wipes. As well as makeup wipes, take along a couple of packets of these bad boys as they are like festival gold dust. They come in handy for particularly unsightly porta-loos, for hot and sweaty days or when you don’t want to miss your favourite band to wait in the shower queues, for pots, pans and cutlery if you’re cooking at your campsite, or for in the arena after sticky foods or beer spillages.

Top Tip! If you have a travel pack in your bag at all times, you will soon be more popular than the Jagermeister girls.

#2 Dry Shampoo/Conditioner
This stuff wasn’t around when I started frequenting festivals and I don’t know how we managed without it. Luckily, gone are the days when we have to spend 4 days with a headache from braiding our hair into Rastafarian-style dos to save us from the inevitable last-day hair nightmare.
Now coming in travel-style bottles, you can still travel light and take these with you – dry conditioner will help with bleached or particularly dry hair, but you can also buy travel bottles of sun-protector sprays if you are particularly worried about damage.

Top Tip! Once you’ve got your hair looking half decent, don’t forget to accessorize! Whether you tie up or leave down, a simple headband, flower grip, bow or skull-branded scarf can make a really simple but effective change and distract from less-than-perfect dos!

#3 Intensive moisturiser
Hung-over, tired, sunburnt, with a bad headache, warm water and feeling like you’ve been locked in a greenhouse. The only thing that makes me feel alive again on festival mornings like these is to unzip the tent door, take off last night’s make-up/face paint/permanent marker….and whack on as much intensive moisturizer that your face will take in. Nothing brings you back to life better.

Top Tip! If your out in the sun all day, make sure you have a moisturizer or makeup with SPF protection to keep your skin extra protected.

#4 Tablets
This is one that girls are much more likely to bring along – no offence boys! But taking necessary tablets along to a festival with you is a great idea, particularly if you suffer hangovers, headaches or if your stomach is particularly sensitive to festival foods.

Top Tip! Vitamin suppliments or hydrating tablets are particularly good to make up for potentially bad eating and drinking habits over the weekend.

# Lipsticks/Lipbalms
Even if you take minimal makeup along with you to a festival, these are small and handy and are a great solution if you don’t feel like wearing any other make-up. Just whack on a pair of hang-over-hiding sun glasses, pinch your cheeks and grab the lipstick! All ready for round two.

Top Tip! Plumping lip-glosses or a gentle lip colour with SPF is a great way to keep your look natural and protect your lips from the sun at the same time.