Go large or go small, this is the question? No, it’s not the server in your favourite fast food restaurant asking you this. Many people will have already planned their festival schedule many months ahead and booked the appropriate days off work well in advance to avoid any last minute dramas with their shift pattern.

One thing is for sure, is that the tickets for any decent festival will sell out quickly, so you have to make haste, get the credit card ready and get it booked!

We know that Glastonbury tickets can be like gold dust and the 100,000 plus tickets get snapped up in no time at all. At the other end of the scale the few hundred tickets available sold out in 24 hours of release for the 2019 Moonbeams Folk Festival, a very friendly intimate gathering, held in the Wold Top Brewery and adjoining fields, high on the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds.

Of course, the larger festivals can bring in the bigger, most current names and there will be much more choice in what you can choose to listen to, but also the ancillary events that go with it. (Latitude, for example, has comedy and theatre running alongside the main music festival). A wider range of food and beverage outlets, craft stalls, fortune- tellers and no end of health and fitness gurus to help you be at one with yourself and turn your body into a temple following on from the excesses of the day before.

However, the smaller more intimate festivals may not be able to land the hottest and current acts but they can make up for that with a more relaxed and friendlier experience. There is also the fact that you can get more up close and personal with the acts and it is not uncommon for those acts to be standing beside you enjoying someone else’s performance in another marquee before or after their own set.

Whether you decide to go large or small, good forward planning is essential and as previously mentioned to be quick off the mark to secure your tickets. There are a plethora of festivals happening throughout Europe to cover all musical genres, so decide with your partners and friends which ones to visit, secure that wristband on and start making some brilliant memories.