How to Increase the Security of ID Cards

Do you have concerns about the security levels of your business and employees? ID cards are the most common form of identification in the work place, a vital accessory that increases the level of security in your office. However, have you ever thought about how easy it could be for somebody to duplicate photo ID cards?

Luckily, we have. Here are some tips for managers on how to increase the security of ID cards and decrease the risk of any card cloning attempts. Don’t worry they are all very easy to implement!

  1. Expiry date
    Expiration dates can be visibly displayed for easy checking. Printing an expiry date on ID cards adds another level of security and automatically dictates a limited validity of the card, this should act as a deterrent for counterfeiters. You could even facilitate the checking process by issuing each year’s card with a different coloured band.
  2. Barcodes
    Adding a barcode to your ID cards means they store an encryption which can be read digitally. This means that if the card is cloned with the same barcode, the reader will not recognise it.
  3. Design a mistake
    This is a quick and simple method of increasing the security of your ID cards and makes them harder to forge. Tip: Whatever the mistake in the design may be, if you display this on the back of the card rather than the front it will be much less noticeable to counterfeiters and may be interpreted as a unique mistake.
  4. Lamination
    We would highly recommend that you laminate your ID cards, this protects the card from damage and extends the life of your cards. Laminate acts as a barrier to protect the text and images, increasing their durability.
  5. ID Card Holders
    Finally, ID card holders. These may not seem very important however they are actually very effective safety measures because they ensure maximum visibility and easy identification. ID card holders can even be colour coded, there are many ways you can utilise this. Colour coding adds another element of security because each group of people can be supplied their own unique colour.
    Not sure where to find them?
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