Memories On Your Wrist – Keepsake Wristbands

Memories On Your Wrist – Keepsake Wristbands

If you’re a festival goer or a travelling fanatic like me, then you’ll understand that feeling of nostalgia every time you look down at your wrist and see that stringy, worn wristband. Each time, you’re reminded of the best moments during the past few months where you witnessed some of your favourite bands or met the most incredible people.

Most people may label this a ‘grotty piece of fabric’ (they just don’t understand). I however, feel a sense of unity among people who wear the same wristband, knowing that you hold and share the same memories from past events.

Now, we all know that these wristbands aren’t the most hygienic accessories. This creates quite a pickle – you want to preserve those memories but also don’t want to catch some sort of disease. Not to worry, I have a few solutions…..

1. Make them removable – rather than keeping them on your wrist 24/7, snip the wristband off and keep it tied through a removable bead.

2. Turn them into a piece of art – why don’t you buy a frame or a piece of wall art and tie the wristbands to it? You could create quite a unique feature for your room.

3. Create a funky keyring – a simple solution. Keep wristbands with you at all times by looping them around your keys.

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