Vinyl Wristbands

These premium quality tri-laminate vinyl wristbands cover all bases – they’re strong, size adjustable, long lasting, waterproof, tear & stretch resistant, can be worn comfortably over several days and look great too!

With a single use plastic snap lock fastening as standard, they’re secure as well as durable. Or, if you want a re-usable vinyl wristband, you can customise your order to include a reusable plastic fastening instead. Choose a plain colour style or custom print with a logo, message or bespoke graphics.

Our premium quality vinyl wristbands are strong, waterproof and long-lasting making them perfect for multi-day use and rugged environments.

They’re comfortable to wear and the non-reusable snap lock closure makes them quick and easy to apply as well as improving security by making them difficult to remove or transfer.

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Custom printing vinyl wristbands with your own text, graphics or logo improves the visibility of the ID, raises awareness of your event and enhances security by making them more difficult to counterfeit.

Based on our plain stock, they come in a range of 14 base colours and are comfortable to wear as well as easy to apply and secure thanks to the non-reusable snap lock closure.

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