Which Social Platform is Best For Your Event?

Many event organisers now know the importance of going digital when planning and promoting your event. Of course, social platforms are no exception and there are many clever and creative ways in which people are utilizing social networking for events, parties and fundraising.

Whether you’re a business, charity organization, gig organisers or just feel like throwing a big shindig! Here’s a few ways in which going social can work wonders for your event…


Facebook is a great for letting people know about your event. This is because you have the option to ‘create an event’ within Facebook. You have to do this under your own profile in order to invite your friends. If yours is a fairly private event and you want to limit who you invite, you can make it a ‘private’ event. However, if you want your event to reach as wide an audience as possible, if you are organizing a gig or a show for example, you can make the event ‘public’. In this case, it’s worth while encouraging event shares with a competition, prize draw, or freebie giveaway.


Twitter will give you a better audience reach for your event: cotton on to the current trends and take advantage of them. For example, if you are running a mother and toddler event, scour twitter to see what hashtags are trending with parents, mothers and mothers-to-be to ensure you are reaching the right audience. Prizes and giveaways will again encourage some interaction with your Twitter account.
As we all know, you can’t say much on Twitter, so make sure you post a link to somewhere with more information. You can use this to post calls to action too, like link to your web store where they can purchase tickets to your event.


Instagram is a great platform for sharing your photos with the world. As an event organiser, you can keep an online record of what’s happening right now at your event through beautiful and exciting imagery or film and, using hashtags, reach a huge audience. As with twitter, finding out what’s happening in your local area and using relevant hashtags will help you to draw in your local audience even at the last minute.


More and more businesses are jumping on the SnapChat bandwagon and discovering some great benefits. The best use of SnapChat for event marketing is a SnapChat ‘selfie’ competition. Encourage your followers to send in snaps of themselves for a chance to win free entry to your event.

Even better still, encourage event goers to snap themselves enjoying your event to win prizes or tickets to your next event. You can then use these snaps to publicise your competition on other other social platforms like Facebook – this will make great content and will encourage others to follow you on SnapChat to join in the fun next time around.


If you are planning a more corporate event, LinkedIn is a much better way to reach your correct target audience. Although the LinkedIn events application is no more, there are still plenty of ways to spread the word such as in a group, via a status update or messaging. If you already have an established network on LinkedIn, this is the perfect platform for your corporate business event.
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